moving in directions I didn’t see coming… because I’m obsessive.

I never thought we’d naturally gravitate towards a more unschooled approach, but it’s happening… all the color coded binders and folders I bought, the weekly summary sheets I designed and printed about 2 dozen of, the wonderfully organized box of supplies, the worksheets… it’s all collecting dust, for the most part. Since we pinpointed the Bipolar diagnosis (with some characteristics of OCD and just general mood disorder) I have learned that on an unmedicated road, reducing conflict is really the best practice. We try to work around him and his wants/needs whenever possible.

But there are some things I won’t budge on;

  • We’re still trying to figure out how we can fit video games into his life, since it’s one of his major passions… but in a way that’s healthy and constructive for him and us as a family.
  • He’s going through one of those “I hate everything” phases and I just can’t deal.  If something is served to you at a meal, and I spent time, effort, and cold hard cash on making it as likable as possible, avoiding foods that I know you genuinely dislike, you’re damn well gonna eat it!  We’re done here, sir!
  • The tv is not on in this house unless there is something specific we are planning to watch.  A movie, an episode of Top Gear or Jeopardy, etc… no channel flipping.  That goes for Seth & I, too.  I grew up in a household that almost always had more tvs than people living there.  Currently my parents and 16 yr old brother have 6 tvs in their possession.  We have one.  At times I wish we didn’t have any, but I’m just not THAT crunchy.  Silas likes watching Back To The Future and epsiodes of the Simpsons.  I really like No Reservations and Bizarre Foods.  We’re human.

We’re finding opportunities to learn in really odd places.  We’re rarely sitting down to do anything structured.  Worksheets are rarely done and are a major power struggle between us, causing stress and grumpiness… and it’s going really well.  I’m as shocked as anybody.


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