slow and steady wins the race.

We’re almost done with our 4th week of homeschooling… It’s been an interesting adventure so far.  Halfway through that first week I sat down with Silas’ teacher and principal and got some things taken care of.  I didn’t want him to go from full school days, 5 days a week, to never seeing any of the kids from his class, never seeing Peter, etc… so we worked out a plan.  He attends the first 3 hours of the day Mon, Tue, Thur, & Fri.  This is the class’ literacy block where they read to eachother, do writing projects, work on grammar, spelling, editing, share their stories…. Sometimes a tiny bit of Math or Science is thrown in during this block, but not usually.  No music, p.e., or art electives during this time frame (all that happens after lunch), so it’s worked beautifully for Silas.  He’s with Peter the whole time, not some other teacher who’s doing crowd control.  There is one recess during those 3 hours, but him & Peter have worked it out so that he stays inside and reads or draws and has a snack.  It’s gone really well so far.

Our afternoons are relaxed and slow.  We do a little bit of penmanship worksheets, history, and art appreciation.  We read a lot and do random projects… still holding off on Math.  I got all the books and I just need to figure out exactly where he is and what he already knows before we jump in.  I also plan to add in some hands-on science and spelling, but am waiting until I can order the materials.  Sometimes I worry that he isn’t focusing, some days we skip school all together and just exist… and I worry he’s not retaining anything we’re doing.  But then this morning he started rattling off stuff about the nomads during breakfast… and I just knew.  He gets it.  He’s absorbing.


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