So, it’s looking like this may all happen sooner than we’d originally planned…

I picked him up from school this afternoon around 1pm… and went straight to the district office to full out a Declaration Of Intent form.  I don’t know if he’s going back tomorrow, or next week, or at all.  All I know is that I feel like the school system is consistently not there for him and his needs.  He was ganged up on by three boys in the lunch room today and teased.  When he went to an adult to try and get help (what he’s been told to do a million times) she told him to just ignore the boys and did NOTHING.  Did not ask them to stop, did not further investigate, didn’t even stop whatever she was doing.  We’re talking about a 7 year old here, and a bi-polar one at that!  He did exactly what he was supposed to do and no one helped… so he got upset.  The mere *physical act of being upset put him in the principal’s office, and I got called.  I’m tired of this happening day in and day out.  Yes, he is what some people would call difficult, but honestly… in every situation he’s been in where he was teased, picked on, bullied, glared at… I know how he feels and 90% of his reactions are fairly close to how I, a grown woman, would also react.  The only person at that school who seems to really truly want to work together on this is his teacher, Peter.  But he can’t be with Peter all day.  They go to recess, PE, music, lunch, and art seperate from him, out of their home class.  Silas already stays in during recess a lot.  Not as a punishment, but just because he doesn’t like the social politics of it all and Peter will let him stay in and draw or read.

So this may be the official beginning of our homeschooling journey.  I don’t know yet.  I’m taking the tried and true wait-and-see approach.

*He slammed a door and was crossing his arms and huffing a lot.  Not hurting anyone, not endangering anyone, just physically letting out what he felt.  I understand that the school can’t really let that happen on a regular basis, but the boy NEEDED to vent and literally NO ONE was listening to him.  I might have slammed a door or two, myself.


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