sometimes you read the right book at the right time and things just click in your brain…

I love our library in Port Townsend!

I didn’t first set foot in a public library until I was 8 or 9.  My babysitter, Beth took me.  I don’t know why, but my mother had never been much of a library person.  I wasn’t exposed the the magic of the library until fairly late.  I was hooked instantly.  The sheer amount of books and the Dewey decimal system make me anxious and panicky, but it’s the good kind of panic that if I power through the hot feeling in my cheeks and the shakiness in my hands, I can conquer it.  It occurred to me a few weeks ago that we have now lived here for 3 years and still hadn’t signed up for a local library card.  This will prove an invaluable resource for bringing Silas home next year, cutting costs significantly!  It’s already an integral part of this transition… last week I checked out a book I’d had marked on Amazon for awhile.  I knew I wanted to read it before we make this change, but didn’t realize just how important it would turn out to be.  I ended up finishing it in less than a week and filling up about 10 pages in paraphrased notes from it.

The book;  Unconditional Parenting

I’ve known people over the years who took this approach with their kids, either as a conscious decision or just born out of their natural temperment.  And I could always tell they had a tight, close, mutually respectful relationship with their kids.  I could never put my finger on exactly why… now I can.  Obviously what we’ve been doing with Silas has NOT been working… and I’m starting to reevaluate what we even mean by “working”.  What is my ultimate goal for him, in the long run, and what am I doing to work toward it?  What am I doing to hinder it?  I wholeheartedly recommend this book for any parent who has ever made a star chart to track their child’s progress with something.  For any parent who has sent their child to “time-out” only to make matters worse and cause harsh grudges… It was a BIG TIME eye opener.


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