legible would be good…

As far as Silas’ 2nd grade academic career goes, he’s right on track in all of the subjects except penmanship.  They haven’t started in on cursive yet, so I figure we’ll focus on printing over the summer and at the beginning of 3rd grade.  Then once he’s more disciplined in that, we’ll introduce cursive.

He’s had the same teacher for 1st and 2nd grade, and has had penmanship issues all the way through school.  For Xmas of 07 and his 7th birthday last July, I got him some Ed Emberley books.  Peter had recommended them to practice his fine motor skills, hoping that maybe it would improve his handwriting.  It has, to an extent… but moreso, Silas now LOVES drawing.  He sits down with these books on a daily basis.

What I’m planning to use for the next step is;  Handwriting Without Tears, Printing Power.  Then we’ll dive into HWT Cursive Handwriting.  I’m not sure where I’ll introduce this next program, but it looks like something he’d really enjoy, that’s similar in concept to the Ed Emberley stuff.  Draw Write Now.

This is one area where I definitely believe he’d benefit from slowing down, focusing, and having one on one teaching time.  He gets plenty of practice writing, and he enjoys writing.  He just needs to fine-tune his technique.


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