the mental rollercoaster

Yesterday was a stressful day.  I had to take Silas to the hospital to get blood drawn for labs so he could start his new medication.  He was doing alright up until we had to go into the exam room.  He was friendly and outgoing with the nurse at the front desk, charmed the pants off the girl who entered our info into the computer, and struck up conversation with just about everybody in the waiting room.  Then it came time for the needle.  The second we entered the room his body language shifted dramatically… sad, whimper-y noises started coming out of his tightly closed lips.  It got worse when I sat down in the exam chair, with him on my lap so I could keep him still.  No 7 year old wants to be poked with a needle, so he was understandably anxious.  He hadn’t had blood drawn since he was a baby and was VERY worried about the process.

How much blood are they gonna take?”

Will I have enough left in my body for everything to keep working?”

How much blood is in my body altogether?”

The nurse picked up on his anxiety and brought in some reinforcements, which definitely helped.  Once the needle was actually IN his vein, he demonstrated just how much he’s like me.  He relaxed a bit, stopped making noise, and just stared at what the nurse was doing.  Over the years I’ve had everyone from doctors to my own mother tell me to look away when I’m getting a shot, having blood taken, etc… but I can’t!  I immediately relax and start watching what they’re doing.  He looked at the nurse and said, “wow!  I didn’t realize my blood was so dark!”  And then it was over before he knew it.

I’m starting to wonder if our similar personalities are going to be an asset or a hindrance in homeschooling.  We do butt heads quite often, but we also bounce back from it VERY quickly.  Not to mention, we totally “get” eachother.  I think that’s an advantage.


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