Starting to round up some supplies.

I got a table for his room for $10 at Goodwill!  I covered it in some leftover wrapping paper, so he has a smooth surface that is ok to be marked up.

He’s been having a blast with it.  Cutting things out, setting up legos, drawing…

I found these books for him at one of the local thrift stores for 99 cents each!  They’re from the Childcraft How and Why Library, which was published from 1964 – 1976.  I only got volumes 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, & 13.  The store had four  or five more, but these seven looked the most interesting.  Looks like the entire set is 15 volumes.

The pictures are fantastic.

Diagrams, charts, maps…

Folklore, fables, stories, poems…

I love the late sixties style kids in here!  It reminds me of the pictures in sunday school workbooks when I was little.

I LOVE the artwork.

There’s a whole book on holidays and customs around the world.

He’s already started looking through them on his own, just for fun during the commercials while we watch Jeopardy.

Now I’m on the prowl for a big & sturdy bookcase to go in his room.  And color coded 3-ring binders.


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